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Paycode featured in Devex report: "Reimagining aid in the digital age" produced in partnership with Visa

Paycode and VISA humanitarian work

Paycode was featured in a recent Devex report "Reimagining aid in the digital age: Building global capabilities to serve local needs" produced in partnership with Visa

Informed by a survey of nearly 1,000 aid professionals, along with in-depth interviews and innovative examples, the report examines how digital tools and capabilities can best be leveraged to develop more flexible and inclusive approaches to aid delivery.

The report specifically highlights how the UK’s Crown Agents Bank uses Paycode’s biometric payment solution to help humanitarian partners create and pay into segregated mobile money or bank accounts for beneficiaries in Africa. 

Paycode plans to integrate biometric in their digital IDs

Speaking about the solution, CAB's Nkosi Moyo commented, “You can actually tokenize aid that is due to each beneficiary and create it as a unit on the system, and then when the beneficiary wants to receive aid, they go to a designated point and, essentially through biometric verification, they’ll be able to then verify that they are the true beneficiary.”

Read the full report here:


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